K-sphere Global Limited is an incorporated company established in 2019 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 2004 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The sole aim of K-sphere is providing an application platform that will link professional service providers with prospective consumers. The application is designed also to provide current African markets information regarding commodity prices.

With the use of K-sphere application sales and purchases can be done online. Everybody can get enroll as a user for free by Signing up to our website at k-sphere.com/register.php. Also, you can download our application to have access to our daily markets updates and get contact with a professional service provider at your demand.

So also, Kpsphere Global Limited only provides a platform linking service providers/merchants with their prospective consumers, but, has nothing to do with the financial negotiation between the parties involved.

Moreover, K-sphere application has no wallet attached for financial solution, whereas settelement between User and Professional is decided at their discretion.

The clients of K-sphere Global Limited are the professional service providers, bussiness merchants of all categories and general public referred to as the users.

K-SPHERE BUSSINESS MERCHANT Bussiness merchants is any person who registers his/her bussiness on the merchant registration platform of K-sphere application. The registered bussiness merchants has the following benefits;

  • To post product on personal account conspicious to all users of K-sphere application.
  • To delete posts and upload at will anywhere anytime without interruption.
  • Increment in the number of prospective customers cutting across the globe.
  • Boost in product sales and market price knowledge.
  • Identity of bussiness type and location conspiciously on K-sphere application.
  • 24hrs daily sales and product advertisement.

K-sphere Professional is any individual skilled in a particular profession, who is registered on the professional platform of K-sphere. On the event of enrollment of a professional, all bio data of professional are captured and documented for future references.

To get enroll as a professional, the followings are required.

  • National ID Card, Voters card, Indegene Form, Driving licence, Electricity bill, Water bill, or equivalent and passport photogrpah.

The Professional benefits the following from using K-sphere

  • The professional details and location is conspicious to all users of K-pshere all over the globe.
  • Increment in number of client
  • New relationship building.
  • Means to modernize professsion and service delivery.
  • Boost in the earnings of a professional.
  • Enhancing the experience and dealings of a professional beyond comfort zone.

The K-sphere users are the general public, on whose behalf the boon application was initiated, to ameliorate their difficulities of seraching for a nearest professional service provider and market updates right on cue.

The user gets enroll on K-sphere application platform free. As user, the following benefits are provided;

  • Find variety of commodities and their prices in all markets.
  • Make purchases of products of your choice online.
  • See visual display of all marketable commomdities at the comfort of your home.
  • Make market price comparism of similar goods.
  • Instant search of a near by professional for all services demanded right on cue.
  • Get the best service delivery from qualified professionals 24hrs.
  • Get latest market news updates through K-sphere News Feed.
  • Watch different Television on a single platform.
  • Have security and safety for all your transactions.
  • Have direct contact with the primary owner of goods and services thereby eliminating middlemen black market deals.
  • And other more.